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Moving from paper to digital health

The challenge

Many healthcare providers feel overwhelmed at the thought of digitising their practice by moving to an electronic health record (EHR) system. They fear the administration involved in the transition and are not confident that an EHR will be reliable and helpful in their daily clinical practice.

Many of the early EHRs that came to market were merely administrative software with an additional section for capturing patient notes. These systems and their associated processes were cumbersome, non-interoperable and often time-consuming instead of time-saving.

Our belief

Healthcare providers do not want to merely move from paper-based records to electronic records. They are hoping to move from inefficient and overwhelming paper-based care to effective, connected, digitalised and interoperable care that lightens practice burdens and enhances patient outcomes.

An EHR should be so much more than a patient record. A good EHR will provide, serve, assist and enable a healthcare provider’s workflow, administration, patients and staff. Over and above meeting standards for good record keeping, it should make the lives of the providers, their staff and their patients significantly easier.

Altron HealthTech provides an EHR that meets all these criteria.

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