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The elegance of e-scripting

The presenting problem

  • Handwritten scripts can be inconsistent, time consuming to issue and difficult to read
  • Mistakes can be made at any point in the process of prescribing, transcribing, processing, distributing, using and monitoring prescribed medications
  • Research suggests that up to 90% of handwritten prescriptions fail to meet ideal practice standards, contain errors such as the absence of patient identifiers, or fail to comply with legal prescription rules

Our solution

HealthTech’s e-scripting software ensures the following:

  • Healthcare providers have instant electronic access to the patient’s prescription history in order to refer to previous prescriptions and make effective treatment decisions
  • Healthcare providers can save preferred treatment protocols for specific conditions, helping to meet practice standards
  • Scripts include all necessary legal information, meet legislative requirements for electronic signatures and automatically set up the ICD-10 code for claiming
  • Sick notes and referral letters can be issued, as well as other additional features
  • Accuracy is improved and medical errors in script interpretation are minimised
  • Scripts can be printed for the patient or sent directly to their pharmacy
  • Patient experiences consistency of prescription within a group practice
  • The healthcare provider has more time for the patient

Your experience

“e-Scripting is much quicker, produces very neat scripts and medicine info is readily available. Patients and pharmacists prefer the format and referrals are made easier.”

Dr Jeremi Roux

“There is always a sigh of relief when one of our patients hands in an electronic prescription. We know what the doctor wants and we also know we don’t need to make a call to his or her rooms to clarify something on the script.”

Ronel Louw, Pharmacist

“I am responsible for submitting prescriptions to my mother-in-law’s medical aid for chronic authorisation. Since my GP changed to electronic scripts, I have had far fewer problems getting authorisation. Before, the medical aids always queried the codes and medicines, but now they approve the scripts the first time round.”

Mrs Adele Venter