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Turnaround at Toyota

The presenting problem

Toyota South Africa Manufacturing boasts the latest in world-class automative manufacturing technologies at an extensive manufacturing facility located in Prospecton, south of Durban. The company employs 8500 people and produces around 900 vehicles per day.

In order to do this, its production line must be staffed at optimal levels so absenteeism and long waiting times at the in-house health services were affecting overall productivity.

Management at Toyota wanted to improve health-related processes and address the following challenges:

  • Long waiting times for staff (from 70 minutes to five hours)
  • Inefficient paper-based health records
  • Poor appointment scheduling
  • Poor and laborious pharmacy stock control
  • Inefficient and inaccurate reporting
  • Lost files

Our solution

HealthTech implemented an integrated solution for Toyota, comprised of the HealthOne Connect and ME+ products.  This combination has now been successfully implemented in other similar organisations too.

The solution successfully enables:

  • Electronic health records
  • Scanning and integration of current health records
  • Management of stock, finances, absenteeism and leave, including maternity and extended leave
  • Clinical, stock and financial reporting
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Integration with labs, SAP, HR and the Employee Wellness Programme
  • Integration with devices and third-party applications

Your experience

Toyota have successfully reported:

  • Reduced waiting times for in-house health-service appointments
  • Improved workflow in the health services
  • Reduced losses related to write-offs on expired drugs in the pharmacy
  • Effective management of absenteeism and all leave types
  • Improved productivity
  • Successful integration with:
    • devices in order to collect health information
    • HR systems and other third-party systems
    • laboratories