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Medical funder/scheme

Your challenges

A need for effective electronic claims and switching

Increasing healthcare costs

Administrative overload

Inefficient and ineffective patient service at Healthcare providers

A need for patient

  • tracking tools
  • engagement tools
  • healthcare education tools
  • chronic-disease screening tools
  • care plans

A need to drive down the costs associated with the burden of chronic-disease management, particularly non-communicable diseases (NCDs)

Our solution

HealthTech provides a complete medical management solution, including pre-consult, in-consult and post-consult features.

  • Member validation service
  • Member benefit checker
  • Online patient self-capture of relevant information
  • Screening tools for chronic disease
  • Unique patient identifier
  • Care plans
  • e-scripting
  • Real-time submission of claims and switching
  • Health information exchange (HIE)
  • Electronic health record (EHR) easily integrates with other providers and funders
  • Secure and safe sharing of information
  • Integration with medical devices (IoT and biometrics), allowing tracking and sharing of medical information
  • Insight into patient compliance and self-management
  • Patient education tools
  • Personal patient electronic record (PHR)
  • Alert for out-of-range results

Inspiring possibilities

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